Mayweather versus Logan Paul This is Facts but is This Fair

Mayweather versus Logan Paul

Mayweather versus Logan Paul This is Facts but is This Fair

Mayweather versus Logan Paul has been announced by Floyd, and it doesn’t sound like he is willing to spare Logan Paul any mercy.

It all came from Logan Paul’s comment a few weeks back.

“If I caught Floyd with one punch — one punch — I would snap this f**ker in half.”

That’s Logan Paul GOING OFF about how he would wreck Floyd Mayweather if they ever got into a “real” fight … while insisting he’s still down to fight the G.O.A.T. in a boxing ring, too!

Paul launched into boxing in 2018 fighting in an amateur match against KSI. In the subsequent rematch, which was a professional bout, Paul lost to KSI by split decision.

As an amateur, Mayweather won a bronze medal in the featherweight division at the 1996 Olympics, three U.S. Golden Gloves championships (at light flyweightflyweight, and featherweight), and the U.S. national championship at featherweight.

Mayweather versus Logan Paul is not a match in years of experience, however Paul’s talking like he has a whole lot of years of experience, and as we know a smart mouth makes a soft 😜.

Floyd is 5’8″ and last fought at 150 pounds. Logan is 6’2″, 200 pounds.

Mayweather versus Logan Paul in height and weight may have Paul thinking that he has a sweet deal.

Nevertheless, Paul should consider thay Mayweather is 43-years-old and boasts a legendary 50-0 record as a pro. His overall wins of all-time outweigh greats like Oscar De La HoyaManny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

Fans are waiting to see the knockout. We are sure many of them are hoping that it doesn’t end up like the Jones versus Tyson fight.

The fight is set to air on February 20th, 2021.

Viewers have the option of ordering the fight through Pay-per-View on fanmio.




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