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    McDonalds Lawsuit In Works After Alabama Woman Claims Her Coffee Was Contaminated

    A Mcdonalds lawsuit for 13 million dollars is under way, after an Alabama woman order coffee, and states her throat started burning.

    According to reports, she said staff refused to call 911 or let her and emergency responders see the label on the chemical bottle so they could determine the appropriate treatment.

    The plaintiff, Sherry Head of Florida, filed the Mcdonalds lawsuit against the fast-food giant on September 19 seeking $13 million in compensation.

    KTLA first reported on the lawsuit.

    “The health and safety of our customers and employees is always a top priority,” Gerry Murphy, one of the restaurant’s owner-operators, told Insider in a comment provided by McDonald’s.

    Defuniak Springs local Sherry Head allegedly got much more than dark-roast espresso, whole milk and caramel syrup in her Caramel Macchiato from McDonald’s in Dothan, Alabama.
    “I took a sip, and immediately my mouth and throat went numb, then started burning. Now I have permanent scarring in my throat and may need corrective surgery,” Sherry Head said.
    According to the law firm, she heard one employee say that her coffee was unavailable. Additionally stating the machine was being cleaned. Another employee immediately shouted, “no, it’s ready to go!”
    After Sherry tasted the drink, she knew something was wrong. She opened the lid and saw that the liquid she drank was not coffee but appeared to be a chemical.
    The complaintive then pulled back through the drive-thru. She asked for help, but the manager said, “it’s fine” and slammed the window.
    Panicking and in pain, she was forced to call 911 herself.
    Once first responders arrived, McDonald’s employees again refused to help. They denied the requests from medical personnel to show them the bottle of the chemical she drank, despite Sherry needing emergency care.”
    On behalf of Sherry Head, her attorneys have filed the Mcdonalds lawsuit calling for $3 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.
    The franchise owner declined to comment.

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