Mercedes-Benz’s Dressed For A Dream Fashion Show Is ‘Cinderella’ Reimagined

Mercedes-Benz’s Dressed For A Dream Fashion Show Is ‘Cinderella’ Reimagined

Last weekend, Mercedes-Benz released a short film titled ‘Dressed For A Dream’ in celebration of Amazon Prime’s soon to be released movie, Cinderella. Why is Mercedes-Benz releasing a short film to promote Amazon’s take on Cinderella? Well, this wasn’t just any ole short film – it ended with a fashion show giving viewers an exclusive peek at the wardrobe that will appear in the modern-day interpretation. 

Actress, Jamie Chung, rides through the city of New York to link up with 11 different individuals that embody the ‘Ella’ spirit to treat them to a night at a ball with The Fab G, Billy Porter – Cinderella’s new fairy godmother. The diverse group of dreamchasers are all passionate about what they do and believe in a deeper meaning to life, which is partly what led their various paths to merge for this occasion.

Before the chosen Ellas reach the runway that awaits, they share pieces of their journey that brought them to the city. The cast was made up of writers, teachers, photographers, a music therapist, artists and models – most members were born elsewhere and relocated to New York. Each of them share their Cinderella story touching on hardships and explaining how they traveled to The Big Apple to design a fulfilling life for themselves.

Right before the show began, the cast members shared advice and encouragement on self-confidence that they would say to their younger selves. Following the words of wisdom, the Ellas transformed into models to walk the runway in extravagant designs that will appear in Amazon Prime’s upcoming film. As the models strutted, Porter narrated the show pointing out which characters the suits and dresses belonged to. The show concluded with a white dress and glass slippers jeweled in crystals modeled by cast member Phairy, which was obviously Cinderella’s ensemble. 

Check it out on Amazon Prime Video, beginning today.


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