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Mexico Plastic Surgery Kills One Injures Two, Patients Mom Speaks Out

Tijuana Mexico facility killed one  patient and injured two from plastic surgery procedures. The deceased patient, Keuana Weaver was only 38 years old and preparing for a trip to Florida. According to reports, they knew there was a risk but was willing to take it.

Weavers friend, Kanisha Davis, a nurse, received the same procedure but survived the ordeal having suffered hemorrhaging and a hematoma, for which she spent two weeks in a hospital in in Pomona, California.

Weaver leaves behind two children. Her mother, knew she was having some “work done” prior to the trip. Nevertheless, she believed Keuana was going to Florida. She only learned her daughter had traveled to Mexico after another family member told her of Keuana’s death.

“I’m heartbroken. I want to know what happened,” Renee, 58, told The San Diego Union-Tribue.

“Keuana was a very independent woman; a good, loving, smart and very intelligent Black woman,” she added. “I’m mostly sad this happened to my daughter because she was already so beautiful to me, inside and out, she just couldn’t see it.”

A health document provided by Keuana’s mother listed her cause of death as “secondary hypoxic encephalopathy,” a kind of brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation.

According to reports the doctor, Dr Jesus Manuel Baez Lopez was unlicensed.

Baez is not a member of Mexico’s professional group, Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica y Reconstructiva, and had a different clinic shut down in April 2015 for ‘failing to meet the minimum requirements to operate legally’. According to law in the Mexican state of Baja California, only certified plastic surgeons can perform procedures like liposuction. Baez is not a plastic surgeon, according to his website at the Arte Siluette clinic, and only qualified to perform cosmetic surgery procedures.

One Keuana’s friend who survived a surgery conducted by Baez described her nightmare saying, ‘I was so septic by the time I reached the ER in Chula Vista on February 3, I was literally hours from death. My kidneys were shutting down’.






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