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    Michelle Obama has been telling it all with her best selling book “Becoming” She admitted that the relationship between Barack and her has not always been a walk in the park, but she also talks about how all of her trials have led to triumph.
    Michelle Obama explained in her book that being First Lady was a hard job. She talked about how her nights were long, and getting less sleep than Barack when it came to traveling for events. One of the hardest things that Michelle revealed was how she conceived her daughter through IVF.

    Michelle Obama most recently owned in on how this matrimony was even completed, and it is a shocker. When you think of Barack Obama, you think laughter, dancing and humming tunes. Suppose Barack proposed to Michelle Obama with roses and background singers? Of course that is how socialites would imagine it, but sadly that isn’t how it went down. Michelle Obama says, they were debating on the importance of marriage with a few arguments, It took one argument that spiraled into a proposal.. we are so sure she didn’t see that coming.

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    “He mad an argument out of it. So we would have these discussion about rather marriage was truly necessary of two people really loved each other, and that’s how he decided to propose to me. By starting that argument at dinner. Supposedly celebrating the fact that he had finished the bar exam. This was a celebratory dinner. He picks a fight. So..I delivered because I too am a lawyer, and I have my points to be made. So, I was in full making my point. I was like..dadadda, and by then desert was coming out. The waiter put a platter in front of me, with a little box with a ring on it.”

    Yes she was surprised. Yet again Barack proves to be the man.

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