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    Michelle Williams & Chad Johnson Open Up About Why They Chose To Live Their Love Life on Reality T.V

    Michelle Williams & Chad Johnson Open Up About Why They Chose To Live Their Love Life on Reality T.V. The couple proves that reality t.v isn’t just for desperate people trying to make money, instead it can be used to teach, and be taught.

    Michelle Williams recently began to open up to the world about her depression issues, she even checked into rehab. During the beginning of Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams relationship the couple received a lot of negativity towards their relationship. They eventually sought counseling that was filmed.
    Those filmed counseling sessions led them to their new show “Chad Loves Michelle”.

    Michelle says, “It’s taught me to sit in my fears, face my fears. Sit in uncomfortable conversations instead of wanting to run,” Williams said. She explained both her and Johnson had to rework their minds to grasp the importance of partnership being that they had both been on their own for such a long time.
    “For us, you know I keep saying, as long as we’re good, it really doesn’t matter what the world thinks. We have to live our life and they’ll be onto something else in no time,” Johnson said.

    “It’s given us the opportunity to learn one another. The show has held us accountable on another level. And I don’t know about other reality shows, but I know that sometimes there can be a stigma on reality, but as for Chad Loves Michelle, 100 percent of what we’re doing and what we’re doing and what we’re allowing the cameras to capture is real. It’s our real life, it’s our journey,” says Chad.

    Michelle added “The countless people that have come up to us, that have sent sweet messages of how ‘it is healing, it’s helping, this is what’s needed,’ and that just confirms the purpose of why we are doing Chad Loves Michelle. It’s been healing for a lot of people.”

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