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    Michelle Williams gospel singer, and former Destiny Child member says she suffered from depression. As part of a top selling female group, one would wonder what is there to be depressed about. However, she says she was silently suffering for decades.
    Williams describes her feelings to Forbes. Williams says, “It is a profound worthlessness, which even after you have accomplished so much – you can be the best wife, mom, artist in the world but you don’t feel like that – you feel worthlessness. So none of your career accomplishments, none of that even matters.”
    Williams said when she began depression she didn’t recognize it. Until it came o the point where it was undeniable. In 2017 she was open with fans about her suicidal thoughts. She said, you can feel so drained that literally you want to sleep your life away. The battle with bad relationships and unhealed issues tipped her over the edge.
    Michelle Williams sought help. She used a self therapy by doing 90 days of nothing. She created a sanctuary within herself, and allowed herself time to et things go and face uncomfortable conversations. Michelle tells forbes “I want people to know that you don’t have to let depression have you. you have to say We are not going to let this win”.
    Michelle looks to the flood of emails she received after expressing herself on “The Talk”. So many others began sharing their stories, leaving comments, and writing letters. She says those were people who recognize that there is life after disappointment. “There’s more to this than just doing it for myself. It’s really about affecting people positively”, she tells Forbes.

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