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    No braids, no worries. Microlinks can be conquered with all hair types. The key to a successful micro link is in the way you normally treat your hair.

    For example, if you are a naturalist to the max, meaning no silk press, no blow out you should shop for the bundle that matches your texture. A safe way is to ask your stylist or the local beauty supply to give a you a perfect match bundle. The video below is a perfect example for a full on naturalista style with micro links. No press no blow out and safe, rain, snow, or shine.




    The second hair match would be perfect for naturalistas who normally wash and flat iron at home. It isnt easy doing a home flat iron because some struggle with hitting the roots or wanting to be safe on the wattage of the iron. Lbs the purpose of the micro link is to protect your hair and not to damage it. Therefore a kinky pressed bundle might be a smart idea if you are planning on doing home maintenance.



    Finally, for the silky textures we would recommend the next time you get your hair silk pressed or blown out match it with a bundle. The best part about having a silk press or blow out with micro links is that it does not break your hair. Normally when hair is thinly pressed then braided strands of hair tear like their being sawed off. Micro links should not tear, they slip right on saving your strands.


    So, are micro links possible for every hair type. The answer is, absolutely. It all depends on your normal maintenance matching your bundle.

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