Quavo got into a fight with a hotel valet this weekend in Vegas. The entire group did not fight but may receive a battery charge.

According to law enforcement sources Quavo and his entourage rolled into the Encore Hotel & Casino with an envoy of SUVs early Saturday morning after performing in town earlier that night. They were told by a valet that they had to move their car because of an ambulance that was set to arrive.

We’re told the valet’s order pissed off Quavo, and he and 3 other guys got into a scuffle with the guy. The altercation spiraled causing hotel security to detain the men — one of whom you see being hauled inside. Cops were eventually called … but nobody was arrested.  All 4 guys were cited and released — Quavo included.

The rest of Migos and Cardi B were present, but weren’t involved in the altercation. 


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