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    Monica and C-Murder May Be Getting Married

    According to a source Monica and C-Murder may be getting married. Although, the rapper is 10 years older than the singer, the two dated back when Monica was a teen.

    It has been said that Foxy Brown hooked the two up. They were engaged for a moment, but then Corey Miller ended up in some trouble.

    Corey Miller was accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old named Steve Thomas at a nightclub in 2002.

    Many believe the trial had been unfair to Miller because of the lack of physical evidence, and the fallibility of eyewitness accounts.

    Also, one juror has said she felt bullied by the court and fellow jurors to convict him against her judgement.

    Nonetheless, C-Murder has received a life sentence and has been incarcerated for over a decade. He continues to release music from prison and maintains his innocence.

    Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian are saying that he is not guilty. However, Monica has been one of his strongest advocates.

    Although, the singer got married to Shannon Brown after dating Rocko, she never stopped advocating for Corey Miller.

    In an interview with V103 she said, “I’m very serious about helping him to become free.”

    “And this isn’t a contingency about anything pertaining to me. And I was like disappointed that the narrative ended up going that direction. Because the truth is, the goal is just simply that…So this wasn’t about [a] relationship. This was about freedom.”

    Monica Arnold was spotted visiting her longtime friend this Easter. Of course, every time the two visit each other it makes headlines.

    However, this time the visit with Monica and C-Murder may have been different.

    Most recently, MTO News said they spoke with one of Monica’s friends who told them, “[C-Murder] and Monica are definitely together [in a relationship]. And [C-Murder] wants to marry Monica.”

    The friend continued, “When I heard that [C-Murder] wanted to marry Monica, I was a bit surprised. But the way Monica is talking about [the proposal], I think she’s going to say yes.

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