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    Monica Denise Mothers Day Apparel Honors Her Mom – Fashion News

    After dishing on her relationship with Shannon Brown, Monica Denise is showing her focus to her fashion. Monica posted a controversial post prior to her fashion announcement. Speaking on her music she stated,  “Maybe this album should feel like history. About how you got so much history with somebody that you just can’t get rid of ’em. He is not gon’ forget me. I’m the only woman he ever married. I got his only daughter.” Commenters flooded her timeline with some agreeing and some not so much.

    One commenter said,  “I dunno why every woman thinks she’s so unforgettable like there will never be another, then how you single sis?” A commenter followed up Monica’s post by saying “Everyone says she’s cocky because she said he’ll always remember her. Of course, he will! She could’ve dragged him through the fuck*ng mud, but she didn’t! Even though he deserves her ire, but all of you will find anything to be mad about.”

    Nevertheless, Monica Denise is focused on love. Monica’s captions showed how honored she is to have the mother who raised her.

    “One of the most important people in my life , is my Mom… Marilyn? I know many of you feel the same, so I created the M Collection to celebrate the women that raised, reared and loved us.. The M Merch… Mother’s Day Collection can be personalize with your mother’s name on M Tees & comes in multiple colors… I always say your mother is who raised you , not just who birthed you! For me Marilyn was BOTH? Celebrate your Mother“.

    Socialites were just as excited for the new apparel as they were to dive into her comments on her relationship. One commenter encouraged her saying, “Beautiful Clothing Line. Comfy and Chic. I Love It. Monica, you are a Beautiful Woman inside and out. I know your Mother is definitely Proud of You. May GOD always Bless You”.

    The new line consists of peachy shades and classy black and whites. Her company motto states the apparel stands on principles of quality, timelessness and above all, keeping you fresh. Our product lines feature an ever-evolving style of clothing that’ll make sure you stand out in the crowd. Everything is made here in the United States and shipped directly to you. We thank you for choosing us and remember that everything you buy from us is made with 100% LOVE!!!!


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