Monyetta Shaw And Her Fiancé Did An Engagement Shoot And The Photos Are Beautiful


Monyetta Shaw And Her Fiancé Did An Engagement Shoot And The Photos Are Beautiful
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Monyetta Shaw and her fiancé Heath Carter will be making their way down the aisle to become husband and wife soon, and to celebrate their pending nuptials, the couple did a glam photo shoot. The couple took pictures at the Biltmore Ballrooms in the historic Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta. They were shot by photographer Justin Christopher Jones wearing complementary neutral toned (we’re thinking champagne and beige) ensembles and looking very much in love.

Famous friends of the beauty couldn’t get enough of the images, and her ex, singer Ne-Yo, even decided to say something about them.

“FLY S**T HAPPY S**T,” he wrote on Instagram. “So happy for you guys!!!!!” Monyetta replied, “Thank you so much!!!”

The hashtag for the images, and possible the wedding, is #thecartervibe. With the couple rolling out engagement photos now, it’s possible they could be tying the knot before the end of 2021. Whenever it happens, Monyetta clearly can’t wait. Last year she told Us Weekly that she knew early on in their relationship that Heath, a businessman and father of two who juggles his responsibilities seamlessly, was someone special.

“Honestly, he was such a good dude and a good person,” she said at the time. “I knew, I want to say almost immediately [that he was The One].”

“He’s the CEO of his companies, and even still he makes time for his kids,” she added. “I would literally see him rearrange his schedules, have huge deals on the table, and he’s like, ‘No, I have to go see my daughter, and I have to make sure this is done.’ That honestly, was one of the main things that made me be like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Just the love that he had for his children, first and foremost.”

He proposed to her in front of family and friends last summer, and she shared the news in an emotional post.

“To be loved the way that you love me & my M’s is such a blessing!” she said at the time.

Monyetta was previously engaged to singer Ne-Yo, with whom she shares daughter Madilyn and son Mason. They’re now 10, and 9. And though she had her tubes tied in the past, she told Us Weekly that she and Heath have discussed the possibility of bringing another child into their brood of four. At the time, she said she was still mulling over the decision.

“It comes up in our conversations a lot. Because he has two girls and he wants a boy. And I’m like, ‘OK. Yeah. So now it’s getting real,’” she said. “So we are discussing things, and I’m deciding now, honestly. And I’m getting older … I just turned a big 4-0. So we’re going to have to figure some things out.”

In the meantime, they’re focused on preparing to say “I do,” and if the engagement photos are this good, the wedding photo are going to be absolute showstoppers. Can’t wait to see!


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