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    More On Bryannita Nicholson Getaway Driver During Nipsey’s Shooting

    Bryannita Nicholson admitted during the Nipsey Hussle trial as a getaway driver during his shooting. She confirmed herself as the getaway driver.

    Nicholson, shared details about her life on social media 3 years ago. One she is from Mobile Alabama. Nicholson later moved to Long Beach California. Additionally stating in her testimony that she drove Holder to Long Beach the day of the shooting. She also attended Grand Canyon University. From the looks of it she graduated as well. She shared a photo with her cap and gown on. Friends commented under her post saying, congratulations.

    In 2018 she left a review on a car dealers page, Cash or Finance auto. This may have been where she purchased the car from.

    The 35-year-old woman befriended Eric Holder.

    Nicholson claimed she and Holder pulled into the South L.A. shopping center where Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon clothing store is located to get food at the nearby Master Burger when they saw the rapper standing in the parking lot.

    “I said, ‘Ooh, there goes Nipsey. He fine,” Bryannita testified, according to local Los Angeles news outlet Fox26. “I want to take a picture with him.'”

    She went on to say Holder got out of the car and approached Nipsey Hussle while she was still looking for a parking spot. When she joined Holder and Nipsey, the two men were already engaged in conversation, Nicholson testified.

    “I just thought he was trying to beat me to go see him before I saw him,” Nicholson said. “Eric was asking Nipsey, ‘Did you tell somebody I snitched?'”

    According to XXL, she returned to the car to post her photo to social media while Holder went into the burger joint to get food. After emerging with his meal, Holder reportedly told Nicholson to pull her car around the back of the shopping center, where he allegedly pulled out a handgun.

    “I was like, ‘What are you doing? You put that away. You ain’t going to shoot nothing outside my car,'” Nicholson testified. “He did put it away.”

    He then instructed Bryannita Nicholson to pull into an alley so he could eat. Once she stopped the vehicle in the alley Holder reportedly exited the vehicle prior to finishing his food. He then told Nicholson he would be back.

    After he left, she stated she heard gunshots. Then spotted Holder powerwalking back toward her car.

    “I was like, ‘What happened?'” Nicholson testified. “He said, ‘You talk too much. I ought to slap you.’ And he was just like, ‘Drive! Drive!'” she said.

    Nicholson said after later seeing news of Nipsey Hussle‘s death, it occurred to her that Holder may have committed the crime.

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