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    Mötley Crüe Guitarist Mick Mars Not Backing Down From Fight With Bandmates Over Millions

    Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars is not backing down from his fight to see the band’s corporate records and sources say he refuses to be bullied into taking his case to arbitration, RadarOnline.com has learned.

    According to sources, Mars believes his bandmates are attempting to move the case out of the public eye as they fear information coming to light.

    Earlier this year, Mars sued his bandmates claiming they kicked him out of the ongoing farewell tour and refused to let him view the corporate records.

    Last year, Mars announced he would not be joining the band on tour due to health issues. The musician suffers from an arthritic disease called ankylosing spondylitis.

    Mars said he made it clear that he could record and do one-off shows but told the band a lengthy tour was out of the question. He claimed the band cut his profits from the tour from 25 percent down to 5 percent after he informed them, he would not be touring.

    The guitarist, represented by powerhouse attorney Ed McPherson, opposed the move which led to the bandmates kicking him out of Mötley Crüe. He then filed suit demanding the band allow him to inspect their books immediately.

    This week, the band members demanded the case be moved from Los Angeles Superior Court to arbitration, which would be out of the public eye.

    The band’s lawyer argued, “Mick’s lawsuit is unfortunate and completely off-base. In 2008, Mick voted for and signed an agreement in which he and every other band member agreed that “in no event shall any resigning shareholder be entitled to receive any monies attributable to live performances (i.e., tours).”

    The lawyer claimed despite Mars not touring, his band members “offered Mick a generous compensation package to honor his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.”

    Sources close to the case tell RadarOnline.com that the band claims since Mars resigned from touring, he resigned from everything else. “That doesn’t even make sense —that someone can’t resign from touring and still be a part of the band,” said a source. “Talk to Brian Wilson and Maurice White!”

    Further, sources said instead of working out a deal with Mars they lowballed him and refused to negotiate with him. The insider said they then filed a private arbitration proceeding against him, “trying to keep everything very private and hush.”

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