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    Naomi Campbell’s Estate In Kenya Is The Definition Of A Dream Home

    Naomi Campbell Gave A Tour Of Her Gorgeous Kenyan Estate And You Have To See It To Believe It

    If you’re an HGTV fanatic like us and enjoy taking a peek at homes all around the world, you’re sure to love the tour supermodel Naomi Campbell just gave of her villa in Kenya.

    The beauty was just appointed the new tourism ambassador for the country, and if you were wondering why, it’s because her love of the country is deep. It’s evident in the design of her estate, which she opened up for Architectural Digest to document. And by “opened up,” we actually mean that figuratively and literally because the home is always open thanks to its composition.

    The residence in Malindi is covered with stunning high Makuti roofs, which are popular in East Africa. They can withstand the elements while also allowing the home to look and feel wide open with access to nature. The open concept allows the home to stay comfortable for Campbell, who prefers to sleep without air conditioning, but rather, just with draping nets.

    “I don’t personally sleep in air conditioning,” she told the publication, offering a beauty secret. “I don’t like it. It gives wrinkles, I believe.”

    Campbell commissioned locals to make most of the furniture and even the ornate doors as she says, “they’re so good at woodwork.” She also has plenty of artwork, from paintings to sculptures, done by Kenyan artists all over the home.

    And then there are all the cool personal touches, from a gaming room in the spacious upstairs area (also perfect for yoga sessions for the star as it overlooks the outside of the estate), to a personal spa with a hydrotherapy bath, a gym, and four pools in and outside of the home. If the latter isn’t enough for guests, Campbell’s villa is across the way from a gorgeous beach with access to the Indian ocean.

    Every inch of the place is breathtaking, a fitting home to catch up on rest in while in the country, which she says is a “natural gem” in itself.

    “I hope that you will all now look at Kenya with different eyes and come here and enjoy the gorgeous nature that it gives,” she said in the clip. “The African continent is where it’s at. Watch. Been saying it for a long time, but you’ll see.”


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