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    Nasty C Gives Relationship Advice In New Release, “Stalling” Africa celeb news

    In celeb news Africa Nasty C has been enjoying his relationship with his long-time girlfriend Sammie.

    The release of his song SMA from his Strings and Blings album revealed his relationship status from way back.

    The two have been together since high school and they have endured the ups and downs that come in a relationship.

    Nasty C Gives Relationship Advice In His New Release, “Stalling”

    According to celeb news, after the release of SMA, we thought Nasty C had no more dark side of his previous relationships. Clearly, the rapper was holding on to another nasty relationship tale. As the countdown to Valentine’s Day progressed, the Zulu Man With Some Powers hitmaker treated his hip hop fans to yet another love story.

    In his new song Nasty C is “all in,” but it appears that his love interest is stalling. The opening lines of his new track is a clear indication that this is another sad love story from the rapper. “You can just leave if you wanna leave, If you don’t wanna go the whole way there with me then goodbye,” said Nasty in his lyrics.

    After the release of his new track, the Hell Naw hitmaker took to Twitter and gave relationship advice to his followers. The rapper was against the idea of being in a relationship if the love is not equally engaged by all parties.

    F**k a relationship if the love is not reciprocated💝 #Stalling Out Everywhere! Pls Go Listen!” Tweeted Nasty C.

    The previous year had been prosperous for the Zulu man. He dominated the rap game with his short-length joint “Jack.” Nasty also collaborated with Blxckie on “Ye x4” and Audiomarc on “Why Me.” Fans reacted favourably to all of his releases.


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