Natti Natasha Becomes First Dominican Woman on Spotify’s ‘¡Viva Latino!’ Playlist Cover


Natti Natasha born as Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, is breaking out some bumber ine spots all over the place including spotify. While spending time with her family, enjoying her free time in el campo, and singing for the first time as a solo artist in her country, a moment she said she was waiting for her whole life. This includes living her best life.

According to Billboards she just became the first Dominican woman to land the cover of Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! playlist and made history on the digital platform with “Quien Sabe.”

She’s also making history with her recent single “Quien Sabe,” becoming the first bachata to ever enter the ¡Viva Latino! list. A surprising accolade, considering she’s primarily known for her urban tunes. “The bachata was more than a challenge,” she said on Instagram when the song reached 100 million video views. “It’s the color of my Dominican people scattered around the world.” Her other hits include “Criminal,” “Sin Pijama” and “Dura (Remix)”.


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