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    Ne-Yo Pleads With Court to Gag Ex-Girlfriend From Talking About Court Battle After Her Child Cruelty Arrest Was Exposed

    Ne-Yo asked the court to order that his ex Sade Bagnerise not be allowed to speak about their court battle publicly — days before he was found to be the biological father of her 2 sons, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, Ne-Yo [real name: Shaffer Smith] pleaded for a confidentiality order and for certain filings to be sealed in his paternity lawsuit.

    As we previously reported, earlier this year, Ne-Yo filed a paternity lawsuit against Sade asking to be recognized as the father to Braiden (born in 2021) and Brixton (born in February 2023).

    He did request a DNA test be done on Brixton to confirm he was 100% the father. In addition, Ne-Yo requested joint physical and legal custody.

    The entertainer agreed to pay child support but asked the judge to set the amount.

    Sade responded by countersuing Ne-Yo where she demanded primary custody of the 2 kids but agreed to share legal custody, which would allow the singer to have a say in important life decisions for the children.

    In her countersuit, she suggested Ne-Yo be awarded visitation every other weekend. She also agreed with her ex that he should pay child support.

    Last week, the court declared Ne-Yo was the legal father to the 2 children. has obtained the motion that Ne-Yo filed days before the development. He said he is an “international recording artist” which led to the lawsuit being examined closely.

    Ne-Yo argued it would be in the best interest of his children to seal information about his finances, the location of his homes, the amount of child support he will be paying and the entire settlement agreement.

    Further, he asked that Sade be prohibited from, “discussing the proceedings and any aspect of the proceedings in the media to include but not limited to social media, print media, internet, radio, and or television media in further directives held under the Domestic Relations Standing Order.”

    At a recent hearing, where both parties were present, Sade agreed to the order which will prevent her from speaking about the case to the media.

    Despite the custody/support case being settled, Sade still has to deal with felony child cruelty charges.

    As we first reported, on March 28, Sade was arrested on charges of cruelty to children 1st degree, cruelty to children 3rd degree, and battery.

    Crystal will receive an extra $3k per month in spousal support for the next 3 years.

    On top of the court drama, Ne-Yo has been accused of owing $3 million in back taxes to the IRS.

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