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    Netizens React To Nicah The Queen’s Video Washing Boyfriend’s Legs

    Nicah – What’s the one thing that you’re girlfriend has ever done for you to think or feel…damn I’m loved or rather, ladies what have you ever done for your man to feel appreciated…and I’m not talking about the wallet, belt or handkerchief gifts! Trust me, your man can already afford that.

    Nicah the Queen

    Anyway… just in case you didn’t know how to appreciate the man you’re with – ‘gospel‘ singer Nicah the Queen has decided to share one tip that keep her men (well of course apart from Ofweneke) running back to her.

    According to her latest post, pampering a man is one of those things that will have your bae feeling important. She goes on to prove her point by scrubbing his feet, massaging them while advising her followers.


    Netizens not about that life

    However, from the comment section, looks like most Nairobi women are done carrying their men like small babies. Most disagreed with her theory while others hyped her to continue playing housewife to a man she’s ‘just’ living with.

    Come on, it can’t be that bad right? Ama kila mtu ajipange? Anyway…. men, if your woman hasn’t been pampering you, then she must be among the it can never be me lot. And here are her friends talking.

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