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    New laws going into effect in Washington in 2024

    Paid Sick Leave & Minimum Wage Laws

    As of Jan. 1, Washington State will have the highest minimum wage in the U.S. at $16.28 per hour, a 3.4% increase in wages compared to 2022. It is more than double the federal minimum wage, which still sits at $7.25.

    Additionally, Washington’s Paid Sick Leave Law nets employees one hour of paid sick leave every 40 hours worked. This law will now be expanded to cover construction workers, in an industry that frequently skirts the 90-day wait period for using accrued paid sick leave, as it is currently enshrined in state law.

    Cannabis Testing, Workplace Impairment

    Companies can still test for impairment on the job. Certain safety-related jobs will still be subject to pre-employment screening.

    A ten-day waiting period for purchasing any kind of gun will also begin in the new year.

    Before, a waiting period was only required for purchasing semi-automatic weapons.

    Voting Rights Act 2.0 will also be on the books. The new law strengthens the ability of civil rights organizations and indigenous tribes to challenge irregularities in voting systems at the county level.


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