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    New Moms Struggling To Nurse Amid Pandemic Find Support In The Milk Buds Subscription Box

    As COVID Cut Access To Support For Breastfeeding Moms, This Lactation Consultant Created A Subscription Box To Help

    Breastfeeding, though natural and highly recommended for mom and baby, isn’t always the easiest process for new moms. Complications, ranging from a decrease in milk supply to latching difficulties, can cut short one’s nursing journey. And while there is the option to see a lactation specialist for support when things don’t go as planned, a lack of physical access to them as the pandemic ramped up last year and isolated many inspired Milk Buds founder and certified lactation counselor Demetria Martin to lend a helping hand. The Texas-based specialist launched a subscription box to provide new moms with much needed support as they navigate breastfeeding and it’s available just in time for Black Breastfeeding Week.

    “As a breastfeeding mom, I experienced firsthand how hard it was to find products and support that actually helped my journey. The complexity of Covid brought even more challenges to access and support. This inspired me to start the Milk Buds breastfeeding subscription box and provide a place where parents can get practical information, resources, and support they can trust from the comfort of their homes,” Martin tells ESSENCE.

    The Milk Buds subscription box, rooted in “science and empathy” as Martin put it, is curated monthly to provide both educational content from professionals as well as four to six products that support lactation. Examples include access to best practices, tips and tricks from board certified pediatricians like Dr. Brittany Odom that promote self-care, and products like lactation cookies, a handheld portable breast pump and items for baby. When you open the boxes, they come with encouraging messages, including “Your love for your baby is not measured in ounces.”

    In addition to the boxes, Martin provides subscribers with the opportunity to take part in a monthly group check-in where moms can ask questions and get even more support. She and Dr. Odom have also created videos to help people understand what to expect on their nursing journey at every stage of a baby’s development and access to a digital library filled with a boatload of resources, including weaning support as one’s breastfeeding journey concludes. And if all that weren’t helpful enough, for every subscription box that’s sold, a breastfeeding class is being donated. So as you seek support for yourself, you’re helping another mom and baby and increasing the number of women who are educated and informed as they navigate feeding.

    “My goal is to clear up and provide a place you can get information and support you can trust from the comfort of you home,” Martin says on the Milk Buds subscription box corner of her practice’s site. “Support from others in your journey is one of the biggest indicators for success on your lactation journey.” 

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