Nicki Minaj recently admitted on Ellen Show that she used to feel like she needed a man but now she doesn’t. However, she did mention that there is a new boy in her life but she has not said his name. Paparazzi caught a snap of Nicki with Lewis Hamilton and they kind of looked booed up. Not to mention the photos are all circulating on a day when Nicki was also spotted with her mom. Can we say family time.. maybe.

With all the extra controversy sparking around Nicki Minaj, Rah Ali, and Cardi B it is clear to see that Nicki could use some warm love, and like any other girl your mom and your boo may be the best pick to keep you focused.

Nicki was giving boo body language in all of her pictures with Lewis Hamilton. They posed with her back pressed against him, with her hand on his chest, and her hand on his thigh, with no signs of personal space needed from eithwr of the two.

Who is Lewis Hamilton? According to the internet, Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE is a British racing driver who races in Formula One for Mercedes AMG Petronas. A four-time Formula One World Champion, he is often considered the best driver of his generation and widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport.

Hamilton was born January of 1985 making him three years younger than Nicki. Being the best race car driver maybe he can still keep up with Nicki.


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