Nicole Richie Launches A New Collection That Puts A Twist to Holiday Gifts


Nicole Richie launches a New Collection that puts A twist to Holiday gifts. Inside Yahoo Lifestyle, Nicole shows fashionistas how to get a quickie in the early Morning. This isn’t just any quickie, most girls have had one before. You wake up from a long night, not really wanting to get out of bed, and your hair agrees with you because you have total bed head. There’s a solution, throw on a scarf.

Honey Minx

The trendy Nikki has some dope Cali inspired scarfs that will solve your hair issues and more. She even demonstrated how to use it as a cover up to spilled wine. Her scarfs work magic. She had so many of them it saved her from being robbed by a hot burglar. Therefore, we’ve learned that in order to be a true fashionista you need to add a quickie to your closet and be prepared with a scarf.

Nicole’s scarf collection comes in all colors and they won’t break your edges because it’s Honey Minx!! Now hasn’t she solved our problems!! 😉


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