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    Nipsey Hussle’s Ex Fighting Demand She Turn Over ‘Unlawful’ Recording of Late Rapper’s 14-Year-Old Daughter

    As we previously reported, Nipsey’s family and Tanisha are in a bitter court battle over Emani. Tanisha has been attempting to terminate the guardianship of her daughter that the rapper’s family obtained after his tragic death.

    In court documents, she claimed that she agreed to the guardianship at the time due to financial limitations. “Tanisha’s motivation for doing so was in recognition of her own financial limitations; her desire to maintain the standard of living and family contact the minor had experienced with the paternal family prior to her father’s death; and upon the verbal assurances that each of them would act in the best interests of Emani,” her lawyer said.

    However, she accused Nipsey’s family of breaking their promise to look out for Emani’s best interest. She claimed the family used its, “financial position and influence to disregard their priorities by controlling the desires of Emani and Tanisha by withholding financial assistance and reducing visitation.”

    The parties are preparing to duke it out in court.

    As we first reported, last month, William Spiller, Emani’s attorney approved by the court, asked that Tanisha turn over alleged evidence. The lawyer asked that Tanisha be ordered to produce a “full and complete recording of a conversation between” him and Emani “as well as the device upon which said conversation was recorded.”

    William said the “entire situation stems from” Tanisha having “played a surreptitious, unlawful, unapproved recording” of a conversation between him and Emani.

    The court-appointed lawyer said the recording was allegedly provided by Tanisha to the judge during a hearing in November. William said despite his demands Tanisha had refused to produce a copy of the recording. “It cannot be stressed enough that such a recording is unlawful,” William wrote.

    Emani’s attorney demanded Tanisha be sanctioned to the tune of $2,500 for failing to comply.

    Now, in Tanisha’s heavily redacted objection, she asked that the court deny William’s demand she turn over the recording and that she be ordered to pay sanctions. In her filing, her lawyer redacted the majority of the response but kept in a specific law he cited as part of his argument to not turn over the recording.

    The motion read, “No evidence of anything said or any admission made for the purpose of, in the course of, or pursuant to, a mediation consultation is admissible or subject to discovery, and disclosure of the evidence shall not be compelled, in any arbitration, administrative adjudication, civil action, or other noncriminal proceeding in which, pursuant to law, testimony can be compelled to be given.”

    A judge has yet to rule. As we previously reported, Nipsey’s family has strongly opposed the idea of Tanisha taking over for raising Emani. They have accused her of being unfit and pointed to her alleged history of drug and alcohol abuse. The family even referenced an alleged incident where Tanisha assaulted a third party in front of her daughter and other children.

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