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    ‘Not Your Model Minority: Shattering the Myth’ an AAPI Town Hall hosted by WABC-TV

    NEW YORK (WABC) — Eyewitness News reporter CeFaan Kim will host and moderate ‘Not Your Model Minority: Shattering the Myth,’ a town hall marking Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

    The town hall will take place on Wednesday, May 31, at 2 p.m.

    You can stream the town hall beginning at 2 p.m. right here at ABC7NY.com or our ABC7NY app on Roku, FireTV, Apple TV and Android TV.

    The event will feature panelists who will discuss a range of topics including mental health, hate crimes and poverty, in addition to a conversation on the controversial jail set to be built in Chinatown.

    The common denominator for each topic is mental health and how each of these topics are affecting the community’s mental health.

    Scroll to the bottom to submit your questions for the town hall.

    Get to know the panelists:

    Joo Han – Deputy Director of Asian American Federation

    Joo Han is the deputy director at the Asian American Federation (AAF), an umbrella leadership organization that represents the collective voice of 70 community-based organizations serving 1.3 million Asian Americans, the fastest-growing population in New York City.

    Grace Lee – Assemblymember District 65

    Grace Lee is a community organizer, small-business owner, mom to three children and first-generation American. She has a proven track record of successfully mobilizing and organizing around local issues. Grace has also been a prominent voice against anti-Asian hate in New York City. She is the first Korean American woman elected to New York State government.

    Jan Lee – Neighbors United Below Canal

    Jan Lee is a third generation Chinatown resident. For 18 years he owned a home furnishings business in the heart of historic Chinatown on Mott Street. His family has owned various businesses in the community from a hand laundry to dry cleaner, coffee shop and a gift store.

    Noel Quintana – Hate Crime Victim

    Noel Quintana is a Filipino American non-profit worker who has been vocal about combating Asian hate after surviving a violent hate crime in February 2021.

    Shinhee Han – senior psychotherapist of New York School University’s counseling services

    Shinhee Han, Phd // Psychotherapist works at the New School University’s Counseling Services and in a private practice in New York City. Her practice is predominately committed to Asian Americans and people of color.

    Liz Kari – President of AAP(I Belong), daughter of hate crime victim

    Elizabeth Kari (Liz), the daughter of immigrants, was born and raised in the Western suburbs of Chicago, she moved to New York City to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from New York University. She has been in the fashion industry for 13 years. On March 29, 2021, Elizabeth’s mom, Vilma, was brutally attacked in NYC while walking to church. The footage of the incident garnered international attention not only for the vicious attack but also for the unresponsiveness of the main bystanders in the video. Elizabeth was inspired to create a nonprofit platform called AAP(I belong).

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