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    NPP Youth Grateful To Akufo-Addo For Appointing Barbara Akoukor Benisa As Ambassador 

    Barbara Akoukor Benisa, Ghana’s Ambassadors-designate to Malta.


    New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth groups nationwide have expressed gratitude to President Nana Akufo-Addo for appointing Barbara Akoukor Benisa, as Ghana’s Ambassador to Malta.

    ‘’ Thank you Mr. President for making women a resourceful and integral part of your tenure as President of Ghana’’, the youth groups noted in a statement they made available to African Entertainment.

    Below is the full statement


    Vibrant New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth groups across the country, commends His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the republic, for his enormous wisdom in given meaning to the call for sincere affirmative action, by the appointment of Ms. Barbara Akourkor Benisa.

    ‘’ Thank you Mr. President for making women a resourceful and integral part of your tenure as President of Ghana’’, the youth group said.

    The President in line with Article 74(1) and in consultations, made a choice for envoys designated as Ambassadors and Heads of Missions to not only represent Ghana out of our jurisdiction, but to strengthen and consolidate our diplomatic credentials.
    More than ever, the Ghanaian State, needed to struck strong not only multilateral, but effective bilateral relations for a partnership that would spur the nation’s drive towards self-reliance and a Ghana beyond Aid. This is imperative and empirically relevant given the adverse impact of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) on developing countries in particular.
    Malta, and Valletta for that matter, is said to be a world heritage with great cultural history. Ghana indeed stands to explore its rich tourism and cultural developments amongst other trade and diplomatic interests.
    Ms. Barbara (Her Excellency), is a confident, culturally endowed person, with great international and domestic exposure. She has proven love for serving her beloved country selflessly. Indeed, this very courteous and humble public servant, superbly devoted to helping make the Ghana Free Zones Authority(GFZA) the fulcrum for developing free zone enterprises -in a state of the art fashion(been part of its board since 2017).
    The distinguished envoy, has served also on the President’s, ‘Beyond the Return Steering Committee’ from 2020 till date. The work of the Sixteen (16) Member committee in consisting five (5) other prominent female personalities has been phenomenal.

    Apparently, she was a member of the NPP’s 2016 Manifesto, Creative Arts Committee (CAC), headed then, by Ms. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, now Minister for Foreign Affairs (Two-Terms Appointed) and Five (5) terms Member of Parliament (MP) for the good people of Anyaa Sowutoum, in the Greater Accra region.
    Perforce, when the pandemic first started, the onus fell on the State and government for that matter to assist and evacuate many citizens who got stranded across the world. Therefore, government had had to engage various airlines for this services of helping bring back our locked up brothers and sisters. The cost to the State as a result of the fees been charged by airlines companies was nerve-racking.

    The committee responsible for the evacuation had to turn to Ms. Barbara, who in turn took the charge (with the KLM Country Manager, Mr. Dick Nieuwenyzen, her corporate boss), in working out a value for money package with the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) at a ridiculously minimal fees to the State. This overwhelming selfless service is, heartwarming and deserving of commendation.

    It is worthy to note that, in her capacity as a KLM staff, Ms. Benisa exhibited tremendous patriotism during the pandemic and continued to do so. She was very instrumental in the organization of the evacuation flights by liaising between her company and the government to ensure that the interests of both parties, i.e. KLM/Government were met.

    Her Excellency, Ms. Barbara Akoukor, it must be noted, speaks impeccable French in perfect proficiency. She is given to critical and deep evaluation and analysis in her engagements.

    The challenges that confront our nation are enormous. Ghana’s role in leading our sub region and the African continent as a whole out of the grips of its current precarious state is important. Particularly so as Europe seeks to partner Africa in finding solutions to peace and security, the green transition, digitization and financing options for Africa in Covid-19 times.
    Stephen Harper, former Canadian Prime Minister, 2006-15, now Chairman of the International Democrat Union (IDU) in an article titled After Coronavirus, Governments Will Have To Shrink, concluded thus: ‘those that do the right things, will lead their countries to a far more prosperous future’.

    H.E. Nana Addo, has doubtlessly done the right thing, finding as a member of his critical team for missions, Ms. Barbara Akourkor Benisa!

    The teeming youth of the party, women across the aisles and Ghanaian public are indeed, full of thanks.
    We are hopeful, she will help lift the flag of Ghana higher in her new designation.
    Congratulations, Excellency! And God Bless our Homeland!!


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