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    Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor Now Federally Charged

    The officers who killed Breonna Taylor in her home are Joshua Jaynes, Sgt. Kyle Meany, Brett Hankison and Kelly Goodlett.

    During the trial several important details were discovered. One including the officers developing a lie in order to produce a warrant.

    A Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge upheld the firing of detective Joshua Jaynes, who Louisville Metro Police terminated in Jan. 2021 for lying on the search warrant application. That warrant application permitted entry to Taylor’s home. If it was never produced it could’ve saved her life.

    The warrant produced in March of 2020 stated that Jaynes “verified with a U.S. Postal Inspector” that Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, a man police suspected of dealing drugs, received packages at her address. An internal investigation found, however, that Jaynes did not personally verify the information, instead relying on another officer’s word that proved to be false.

    But during an appeal to what the Merit Board ruled to Circuit Court, Jaynes argued what he did was proper under law.  Additionally stating there were numerous problems with the Board’s procedures. But Perry disagreed and dismissed the case.

    “The Merit Board conducted a full and comprehensive hearing lasting three days,” Perry wrote in the order handed down last Wednesday. “It’s decision is neither arbitrary nor capricious, nor contrary to established law. Instead, it is thorough, well-reasoned, and amply supported by substantial evidence.”

    Officers Who Conspired to Killed Breonna Taylor Now Federally Charged, Here’s Why.

    Joshua Jaynes, 40, and Sgt. Kyle Meany, 35, are charged with federal civil rights and obstruction offenses for their roles in preparing and approving a false search warrant.

    Goodlett, who was also a part of the PBI, allegedly helped Jaynes falsify the warrant.

    Kelly Goodlett was charged with conspiracy for allegedly helping lie on the warrant and cover it up.

    Garland said, “Those violations resulted in Ms. Taylor’s death.”

    Hankison, he’s one of three officers who fired shots the night Taylor died.

    Brett Hankison, 46, is accused of unconstitutionally excessive force for shots fired the night of the raid.

    Meany was an LMPD sergeant overseeing the Placed Based Investigations unit, which was conducting a drug investigation that night in March 2020. It involved five warrants — one of which was Taylor’s.

    Meany is also accused of lying to the FBI during the investigation. During investigation he stated SWAT had asked his unit to request a no-knock warrant for Taylor’s apartment when they hadn’t.


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