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    OnlyFans Model Courtney Tailor’s Mom Attacked By Social Media Account

    Onlyfans model Courtney Tailor’s mom received messages under her social media page after her daughter Courtney Clenney was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli.

    Courtney Tailor’s mom Deborah Bond Clenney shared a repost on her Facebook page back in February.

    The repost spoke about the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Ukrainian citizens are using their own weapons to hold off the Russians! Still think the 2nd Amend. was meant for squirrel hunting?”

    But after Courtney Tailor was arrested another Facebook account shared a screenshot of Tailor under her mom’s post. The Facebook account captioned the screenshot saying, I think your family proved knives work.

    Nevertheless, Courtney Clenney’s mother did not reply to the comment. However, her comments for post are now turned off for the public.

    Officials arrested 26-year-old Courtney Tailor on August 10 in Hawaii.

    On Sunday, Courtney stabbed and killed her boyfriend in the Miami high-rise, One Paraiso luxury condo in Edgewater. Police believe the two were involved in a domestic dispute.

    A few days after the stabbing of Christian Toby Obumseli, the Onlyfans and Instagram model was spotted walking.  Additional, domestic violence details emerged as well. One video show’s her physically assaulting the 27-year-old as they walked out of an elevator.

    On Thursday afternoon, Clenney appeared in a courtroom on Hawaii’s Big Island, where she waived her right to an extradition hearing and agreed to return to South Florida. The judge there, Henry Nakamoto ordered her held without bail pending extradition

    Furthermore, the arrest warrant, “One Paraiso security documented so many incidents of arguing, including complaints from tenants two floors above, that the building’s management was moving towards legal action to evict the couple.”

    Tailors defense attorney, Frank Prieto argues self-offense for Courtney. Meanwhile, Christian Toby Obumseli’s family points out his mild behavior. As well as Stating him abusing Tailor is unthinkable.

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