Oprah Winfrey Beats Kylie Jenner And Jay Z In America’s Wealthiest Celebrity


Oprah Winfrey beats Kylie Jenner and Jay Z in America’s wealthiest celebrities. As Jay Z would ask, what’s better than one millionaire? The answer is Oprah. Winfrey brought in 2,8 billion dollars in 2018, with 12 more days the year left. Let’s count her money, that means she earned over 7 thousand dollars a day. Kylie Jenner and Jay Z totaled out to 900 million each this year, which means it would take both of their incomes in one home to come a little bit closer to Oprah because that would only equal 1.8 million.

Oprah Winfrey Instagram

However, Oprah did get a small run for her money with a few other celebrities. According to Forbes, Oprah came in at number 3, with Michael Jordan right behind hind her at number 4. Michael Jordan earned 1.7 billion dollars this year so far. Kylie Jenner and Jay Z were tied at number 5. David Copperfield kept his money at the number 7 spot with 875 million dollars.The magician saved his earning after not being found guilty of an accident in Las Vegas. George Lucas was the highest paid at 5.4 billion dollars after selling LucasFilm to Disney, and Steve Spielberg cam in behind him with 3.7 billion.


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