In a recent interview Oprah discusses how corrupt and evil politics are and that there are so many nontruths. So if you have heard a rumor of Oprah running for president, she exclaims definitely not. Oprah tells British Vogue “it will kill me”.
Even though she is not running for presidency she isn’t shying away from staying politically active in her own rights. Winfrey has repeatedly voiced her support for the Me Too and Time’s Up movements against sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation. And she feels that change is imminent. 

According to Oprah “People talk about ‘these are such dark times,’ but what if we shift the paradigm? Because I see it differently,” Winfrey said. “I see, ‘Isn’t this remarkable that we’re waking up?’ For years, women have endured craziness. This is what’s happening to people. They’re allowing themselves to not just become corroded, but to become hysterical. You’ve got to lean to the happiness.”
In Winfrey’s happy moment she dishes on the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry.
“[I saw the Stella McCartney gown and it] looked white, not cream,” Winfrey told the magazine. “I Googled, ‘Can you wear white to a wedding?’ Answer: ‘No, don’t risk it.’” 

Despite almost risking it all, the media mogul seems to have had an amazing time at the wedding.

“It felt like another level of everything. It felt like more than a wedding,” Winfrey told “Extra” last month. “It felt like a shift in culture. I left more hopeful.”

In the rest of the Vogue pictures shared on Monday, Winfrey oozes elegance in a rich, red satin gown from Alexander McQueen and a floral gown from Erdem, one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite labels. Her gorgeous jewels look like they were plucked right from the Crown Jewels collection.

More 411 on Oprah Winfrey’s Vogue edition at British Vogue


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