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    Paula Patton’s Chicken Raised Eyebrows on How to Wash Meat

    Paula Patton’s cooking raised questions about the taste and cleanliness.

    As grammer’s watched Paula Patton’s chicken recipe they debated on the seasoning, and how to wash meat.

    In her video, Patton shows off her ingredients and many bags of chicken.

    She captioned the post saying fried chicken Friday. She said, “I’m going to make my mom’s famous fried chicken. Clean it with some cold water.”

    She then placed the washed chicken into a plastic zip lock bag full of flower. People noticed that the bag had no seasoning mixed in the flower.

    She then shook the bag of chicken to place them into a pan of grease. After she placed the unseasoned flowered chicken into the hot grease, she flipped each of them over and then seasoned one side.

    Although, she may have had some of the right seasonings, it was the process of preparation and cleaning that people were debating over.

    According to one socialite, “Paula Patton needs to start off with something easier like toasting bagels.”

    Another person said, “Dear Black People: Spend more time with your mixed children and teach them how to make Black and Southern food properly. Paula Patton’s chicken is a disgrace to our cuisine.”

    Television host Nina Parker from Nightly Pop brought up the question on how to wash meat after viewing Paula Patton’s chicken recipe.

    “I don’t give a got damn what the CDC says, do yal wash your meat?”

    Parker continued to say, ” everything should be washed through in your sink. I wash my steak. I wash everything.”

    Patton has since then shared her concern about the chicken debate. Paula posted a video on the gram saying, it may have seemed like she didn’t wash the chicken long enough, but she did.

    She also said she would take suggestions and even make a new recipe, but she will always make her mom’s recipe. She also captioned the video saying, peace, love, and fried chicken.

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