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    Pieper Lewis GoFundMe Account Has Raised Over 400,000 After Iowa States Bogus Verdict Law

    The Pieper Lewis GoFundMe account was started by her former teacher, Leland Schipper.

    Pieper Lewis ran away from home around the age of 15.

    But when 37-year-old Zachary Brook found her, he used his power to manipulate and pimp her out.

    After he repeatedly raped her, she said she flew into a blind rage and stabbed him 30 times in June 2020.

    Prosecutors, who originally charged her with first-degree murder. They argued that Brooks was asleep at the time of the attack and posed no immediate threat to her.

    Lewis was 15 when she was first trafficked by a man, then 28, who called himself her boyfriend. He created a dating profile for her and forced her to have sex with other men for money, she said.

    Under Iowa law, anyone convicted of a felony that leads to the death of another person must pay at least this sum to the victim’s estate.

    Lewis’ lawyers argued that she was a victim of sex trafficking, and it was cruel to force her to pay restitution to her alleged abuser’s family.

    But Polk countered that the Iowa Supreme Court has upheld the state’s restitution law even in the face of similar arguments.

    As news of the unfair justice system circulated, many were ready to step in and try repair it for the victim.

    The Pieper Lewis GoFundME page has now raised 403,000 dollars.

    Leland Schipper, Lewis’s former teacher wrote, Pieper Lewis bravely took the microphone during her sentencing hearing and told the courtroom that her voice mattered. I was incredibly proud of her. She was powerful, and she brought me to tears. The judge then studied all the evidence in Pieper Lewis’ case carefully and decided that she did not deserve to spend time in an adult prison.

    Instead, he gave her five years of probation. He decided that 834 days she spent in juvenile detention awaiting her sentencing was enough “punishment” for a then fifteen-year-old girl who had been kicked out of her home and found herself sleeping in the stairwell of one of the most dangerous apartment complexes in Des Moines; a girl that was ultimately preyed upon by men twice her age who traded her body for drugs. These men physically assaulted, raped, and sex trafficked Pieper on multiple occasions. On June 1st, 2020, Pieper snapped and killed one of the men who exploited and raped her, stabbing him to death.

    To send more support visit her GofundME here.

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