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    Powder Springs goats at Silver Comet Linear Park

    They’ve already been put to work – the herd clocked in for the first time last Friday.

    POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — Powder Springs is celebrating new city hires for their ability to nibble on the job.

    Goats were recently employed to eat the kudzu invasive plant around Silver Comet Linear Park. The temps were hired from Get Your Goat Rentals of Carrollton as an environmentally friendly way to get rid of the vines.

    “We decided to give this a try. Other cities have done it for some of their retention ponds and parks in Dunwoody and Cobb County,” Powder Springs Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure Eric Meyer said. “So it’s just an innovative approach to see about kudzu removal here at one of our parks.”

    They’ve already been put to work – the herd clocked in for the first time last Friday and were already munchin’ on the job. Over the weekend, they had already cleared a significant portion.

    A representative with Get Your Goat Rentals said the herd can eat around an eighth of an acre of kudzu a day and can consume upwards of about 20 pounds of vegetation. The hoofed employees will hang around for two weeks, clearing as much kudzu as possible – though the company believes the goats can be done in a few days.

    Sixteen goats are on the job to eat away at the unkempt vines. Hopefully, the city said, they’ll eat their fill in time for the Oct. 14 grand opening event for Powder Springs’ new skate park.

    People can visit the gentle beasts – but don’t distract them from their duties. Visitors are reminded that the fence containing the goats is electrified, so be careful when bringing pets or kids for a peek.


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