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    Prince Andrew’s Ex ‘Begs for Kate’ to Help Sway Charles’ Eviction Order

    Prince Andrew‘s amicable ex Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson is working overtime to stop King Charles from evicting them from Royal Lodge, turning to Kate Middleton for help in her pursuit, has exclusively learned.

    The Princess of Wales has embraced royal life ever since she wed Prince William in April 2011, and insiders said both Andrew and Fergie hope Kate can speak with King Charles herself about potentially letting them stay at the 30-room, $40 million property.

    “Charles is on a mission to force Andrew out, and it’s all on Fergie to stop it from happening,” a palace source claimed. “They’re hoping Prince William’s wife will talk the monarch into seeing reason.”

    Andrew isn’t in the king’s favor, insiders said, adding that Fergie is “on the outs too” because of the former couple’s divorce 27 years ago. They’ve not been romantically involved for some time, but the exes ultimately settled in at the palace-owned Royal Lodge.

    Kate, on the other hand, is incredibly close to her father-in-law and could use that influence, a courtier claimed. “There’s no doubt Kate has the king’s ear. He has a real soft spot for her, and Fergie’s hoping that could be to her advantage.”

    “Fergie and Andrew haven’t got many allies in the family, but if they can secure Kate, that could really go a long way.”

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