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    Pro Choice Election Cheat Sheet for 2022 Governor Election By State

    With everything happening in the world it may be hard to keep up with all of the electoral options, for those going for democracy and women rights we created a pro-choice cheat sheet with options for each state.

    Alabama: First Black Democrat Yolanda Flowers stated, she believes in a woman’s right to choose and better reproductive care in the state.

    Alaska: Bill Walker and Les Gara banned together against Republican Mike Dunleavy, disagreeing with his stance on abortion rights.

    Arizona: Mark Kelly took a hard stance protecting abortion rights.

    Arkansas: Pro Choice election Dem Chris Jones said during an interview that, “I certainly support Roe v. Wade. and I certainly believe it is a healthcare issue that needs to be left with families,” he said.

    California: Newson signed 13 abortion protection and reproductive health bills

    Colorado: Earlier this year, Jared Polis signed a bill to guarantee abortion and access to contraception virtually without limits, said he wants to see the wording of a proposal by abortion-rights advocates to reverse a state constitutional ban on funding for the procedure before committing to support it but said he would be open to it.

    Delaware: Kathy Jennings was honored by the Duchess of Sussex, and asked attendees to help spread the word about Delaware’s Abortion Hotline.

    Florida: In Florida DeSantis accused Crist of only supporting abortion rights out of political expediency.

    Georgia: Abrams said women “should not be worried about the knock on the door is the sheriff coming to ask them if they have had an illegal abortion.”

    Hawaii: Gov. David Ige said during a news conference, “I am issuing an executive order protecting women who seek reproductive healthcare in Hawaii and medical professionals who provide it”. Additionally stating, “We will not cooperate with any other state that tries to prosecute women who receive abortion in Hawaii and we will not cooperate with any other state that tries to sanction medical professionals who provide abortions in Hawaii”.

    Idaho: Terri Pickens-Manweiler said during the Idaho Democratic Party’s summer convention that she looked forward to the chance to debate Bedke, and she wasted no time taking the challenge to her opponent. She criticized Bedke for his votes in favor of Idaho’s near-total abortion ban and a law that gives family members the right to sue a medical provider who performs an abortion.

    Illinois: Pritzker supports pro choice

    Iowa: Protecting abortion access is a key piece of Deidre DeJear’s campaign after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

    Kansas: When it comes to the topic of abortion, Laura Kelly has remained largely consistent, saying women should have the right to make medical choices about their own bodies. During a KMBC 9 interview with her on Heart of the Matter, she said she’d likely veto any legislation passing further abortion restrictions if it were to get to her desk.

    Louisiana: Both Gov. John Bel Edwards and Rep. Ralph are pro-life. However, Edwards stated he does not support restrictions against rape and incest.

    Maine: Janet Mills has expressed strong support for abortion rights. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision this year to overturn Roe v. Wade, she issued an executive order that protects abortion access for women in Maine.

    Maryland: Wes Moore said he considers abortion a health right and wants Maryland to be a “safe haven” for abortion rights. He believes women should be able to make abortion decisions with their doctors.

    Massachusetts: Abortion access was a hot topic debate. Diehl pledged to maintain abortion access in Massachusetts, but Maura Healey accused him of wanting to jail doctors who provide abortion care.

    Michigan: Pro Choice election candidate Elissa Slotkin’s spoke out. “I was really disturbed by the overturning of Roe v Wade,” she stated. “I know where Senator Barrett stands on that,” she continued.

    Minnesota: Tim Walz immediately pledged to support abortion rights in Minnesota.

    Nebraska: Democrat Carol Blood stated “Politicians are not doctors,” Carol Blood said. “We do not belong in a doctor’s office.”

    Nevada: Steve Sisolik’s page states, less than two weeks ago, Joe Lombardo doubled down on his anti-abortion agenda – saying he supports implementing mandatory waiting periods on the debate stage before his team promptly walked back his statements

    New Hampshire: Tom Sherman spoke against the abortion band saying, Pro-choice governors don’t sign abortion bans into law. Parts of

    ‘s abortion ban are being walked back because of the brave testimony of numerous women. The governor never should have signed into law restrictions on their rights in the first place. #NHPolitics

    New Mexico: Michelle Lujan Grisham, signed an executive order further expanding access to reproductive health care in the state of New Mexico, continuing to build on her efforts as governor to increase access to affordable health care, safeguard abortion access, and protect New Mexico health care providers.

    New York: Governor Kathy Hochul signed a nation-leading legislative package to immediately protect the rights of patients. As well as empower reproductive healthcare providers in anticipation of a final decision by the Supreme Court on abortion access.

    Ohio: Nan Waley shared, she is proud to be the only candidate in this race — Democrat or Republican — that has always stood up for reproductive rights.

    Oklahoma:  Joy Hofmeister a former Republican previously supported abortion bans.  But now calls for the reversal of Oklahoma’s near total abortion ban in attempt to unseat incumbent Gov. Kevin Stitt.

    Liberal Natalie Bruno stated from the beginning, People ask me my stance on abortion all the time. My reply is always that I want there to be less of them. But I do not support making abortion illegal.

    Oregon: Both unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson and Democratic candidate Tina Kotek are in favor of abortion rights.

    Pennsylvania: Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, used his veto. He striked down several GOP-led efforts to further restrict abortion and voting access.

    Rhode Island: Dem candidate Dan McKee stated, Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for almost 50 years. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a travesty, full stop.

    South Carolina: Joe Cunningham stated if the six-week abortion ban would have come to his desk as Governor, he would have vetoed it.

    South Dakota: Libertarian candidate Tracey Quint stated clear views. She said the decision to get an abortion should be left to patients and healthcare providers.

    “It’s a medical decision. I don’t think a majority of the voters and majority of politicians have a medical degree.” Additionally, stating “and have the ability to make that decision for somebody,” Quint said. “If it’s a health issue we should leave it up to the healthcare professionals and the individuals involved.”

    Tennessee: James Martin stated, we must protect women’s health rights in the state of Tennessee. Here’s what we know about abortion restrictions: abortion restrictions don’t stop abortions – they just stop SAFE abortions.

    Texas: In a final push to show his support for abortion access, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke released his last ad of the campaign Monday.

    Vermont: In August, Vermont Democratic candidate for Governor Brenda Siegel announced her plan to protect abortion access for Vermonters.

    Wisconsin: Tony Evers called to repeal the states abortion ban.

    Wyoming: Theresa Livingston says No restrictions on women’s health care of any kind. As well as, stopping abortion will stop needed drugs for other medical needs. It will also stop people from moving here, others to move away, and I believe an increase in suicide.

    Additionally, U.S territories debate over pro choice election views.

    Guam raised concerns about the consequences of the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero today asked the 36th Guam Legislature to reject a proposal restricting access to abortion.

    “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court is disappointing and concerning. It is disappointing because it represents the Court’s willingness to reverse hard-fought rights and protections of Americans that the Court itself had to affirm decades ago because the laws in some states denied those rights and protections to certain citizens,” U.S Virgin Island Governor Albert Bryan said.


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