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    Proud Family Reboot Is Coming Soon

    It is confirmed that The Proud Family is coming back to Disney. Penny Proud has graduated from the college with a Literature degree, and Sugar Momma is still Sugar Momma.

    Tommy Davidson even let the cat out the bag during an Interview as, well as posted a confirmation on Instagram letting the fans know this ish is real.

    As Tommy was being interviewed for the film 47 Meters Down: Uncaged he stated to WTB, “Oh I forgot to tell you that, The Proud Family is coming back. Proud Family’s coming back,” he reportedly said. “It’s on one of Disney’s streaming [services]. Yeah, Proud Family’s coming back. They told me not to tell you.”

    An unofficial, fan page has also surface on social media. The page features new animation of Penny Proud and her friends. There are details of her graduation and other characters as well.

    Tommy wasted no time reposting the video of Solange signing the Proud Family theme song. Along with the post was the caption “Since the Proud Family is coming back I hope Sonage is singing the theme song again”.

    Disney+ is reportedly going to drop on Nov. 12, so we’ll likely hear more news about it soon, and will finally get an answer about The Proud Family‘s possible reboot.

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