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    R Kelly was in court for his bond hearing, in shackles and the new black, orange jumpsuit. According to reports the singer will remain behind bars for right now. 
    Prosecutors argued that the do not wish for his release, claiming he is a danger to the community, especially to minor girls. According to Prosecutors the risk of obstruction is real and ongoing, and also heightened by his fame and power.Claims were also made that he has the “unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims, and that continues to this day.”
    They added an emphatic, “It’s who the defendant is,” after alleging that he’s sexually assaulted the alleged victims hundreds of times.
    R Kelly ultimately plead not guilty, but was denied bond.
    Prosecutors claim that there’s no question R. Kelly is the person in the videos they’ve obtained — which appears to be a reference to the alleged sex tapes at the center of the probe. They’re claiming that electronic monitor and home confinement is not enough for Kelly … going on to say he can “entice girls to his own doorstep.”


    According to TMZ, R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, fired back to defend his client, saying Kelly has already surrendered his passport, and noted the guy doesn’t like to fly … so he’s not a flight risk. Greenberg also says that, to his knowledge, Kelly didn’t miss any court dates in his 2008 trial. Speaking of that trial, Greenberg responded to allegations that the case was rigged, saying R. Kelly faced a jury of his peers, and not a bench trial.
    Greenberg also says that R Kelly has voluntarily shown up to every court hearing in his current case, despite the fact the prosecution insists he’s been a flight risk. He hasn’t run, and Greenberg hit the point home by saying, “How could he flee? He has no money.” Greenberg does note that R. Kelly’s Trump Tower rent is paid up through December or January.
    On the allegation that R. Kelly is a threat to minors to this day, Greenberg says all but one of the allegations against Kelly dates back to the ’90s, and that “there’s no evidence that he’s a risk to minors at all at this point.” Greenberg also says there’s no evidence of witness tampering.
    One more argument from Greenberg here … he says the fact that R. Kelly can’t read or writewould make it difficult to go over discovery with him in jail. He also says Kelly makes for a difficult prisoner because of his notoriety and implications that come with that.
    The judge was not against the prosecutors, and even noted that the child porn charge alone comes with a “presumption of detention.” He was ordered to be held in jail without bond.
    As we reported … the singer was arrested in Chicago last week on 2 new federal indictments.
    While he’ll remain locked up, we know Kelly will have the support of his 2 alleged sex slaves — Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. The women were right behind him in court presenting a united front — just like they did during his February bond hearing.
    We broke the story … Joycelyn and Azriel shared a video days after Kelly’s most recent arrest from inside his Trump Tower pad, claiming they are still living comfortably there together and all is well.

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