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    Rachel Lindsay Says She Accepts Chris Harrison’s Apology

    “I need to accept the apology so we can all be better from this situation.”

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    “I do accept [his apology] and I think it’s important for me to say that because we need to move forward,” Rachel said on Extra. “And for me, for us to move forward, I need to accept the apology, so we can all be better from this situation, which is what we want.”

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    Rachel added that more people are starting to become aware of “things that they hadn’t before” and that is creating more “uncomfortable” conversations “that we should be having.”

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    “Isn’t that what this should be as well?” she said. “It’s bigger than just The Bachelor, it’s bigger than just a reality TV show.”

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    “There are a lot of issues that have come up because of this interview, and I think it’s important that we continue the conversation, we continue to move forward,” the former Bachelorette said. “And I think that’s the best thing that we can hope for out of all of this.”

    Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

    Last month, Chris issued a public apology after he defended Rachael past actions. He said, “I will always own a mistake when I make one, so I am here to extend a sincere apology.”

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