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    Randall Park Forgot He Played “Asian Jim” On The Office

    “Social media’s amazing…I gotta get back on it.”

    Hey, remember when Randall Park played Jim on The Office? Well, not really Jim, but actually Jim and Pam’s actor friend Steve PRETENDING to be Jim in order to mess with Dwight. If not, here’s a refresher of that iconic cold open:

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    This is from Season 9, Episode 3, “Andy’s Ancestry,” FWIW.

    Anyhoo. The other day, Park was a guest on Conan and they talked about how he deleted all his social media during the pandemic.

    Park then joked that “social media’s amazing…I gotta get back on it.”

    Park said he’d actually forgotten he was in The Office. He explained, “I got the chance to play a character named ‘Asian Jim’ in one scene during the final season. … I was in and out in an hour. … And then I completely forgot about it.”

    “Then, several years later, I’m walking down the street and this car drives by and a guy yells ‘Asian Jim!’ and drives off, and I’m thinking, is this some, like, racist thing that I don’t know about?”

    He laughed, “I thought it was a hate crime because I had forgotten about my appearance on The Office.”

    Park continued and joked, “You know, people would be walking up to me like, ‘What’s up, Asian Jim?’ and I’d be like, ‘Fuck you!'”

    LOL. Well, he may have forgotten his own appearance, but obviously WE never will! Legend.

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