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    Reddit Mom Blasted For Attempting To Kick Step Child Out

    A Reddit mom posted to the thread asking if she was wrong for asking her stepchild to move out. The post titled, Am I Being The A**hole (AIBU) forum under the username throwawayaita284, the woman said: “We recently found we’re having another child, and since our house only has 3 bedrooms there just won’t be enough room. I want to turn Erin’s [her stepdaughter] room into a nursery room.

    Additionally, she explained, “Since it is my house, I thought my husband would understand that I want my room back.” Defending her thought she said, “as I was nice enough to let her stay here for 6 years. She’s 18 now and legally an adult.” The Reddit mom continued, “so I don’t feel any guilt about asking her to leave.”

    The title of the post derived from her husband’s response. He referred to her as a hole for attempting to kick his daughter out of the house. She also noted he doesn’t want his daughter, her step-daughter to leave because he “still wants a relationship with her”.

    Replying to the thread one person said, “she thinks it’s reasonable for a college student to either live somewhere she is uncomfortable or afford an apartment. And after 6 years it’s still HER house. Major YTA.”

    Another person pointed out, “she expected a child of 12 to be grateful that she (OP [original poster]) allowed her to live in her (OP’s) home for the past six years. Imagine being so far up your own black hole from where no self-awareness can escape.”

    Some even suggested that the two parents move. Since they are responsible for the blended family finding a new home to accommodate their new lives could help.

    A final commentor said, “Wonder why she is asking to kick the child out versus asking her husband to find a bigger home, is she scared he won’t work hard enough to help support the new baby? One of them is ana hole but which one really.”



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