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    Reginae Carter’s Clothing Line and New Friends – Money Moves

    Reginae Carter’s clothing line and Implants have been confirmed as she dialed into the Wendy Williams show to confirm that she has two new best friends.

    “Let me set the record straight. I did. I did get breast implants,” Reginae admitted, Friday, during a call-in interview segment on The Wendy Williams ShowAccording to the aspiring actress, she’s wanted to get breast implants since she was 16-years-old. Despite her mother’s Toya Johnson’s opinion that she didn’t need them, she eventually decided to undergo the procedure when she reached 21.

    “I wanted it to all look natural-looking,” Reginae explained. “Like I said, accept your body the way it is, right now it’s some breast implants, and I am accepting my body for the way it is. I’m 21-years-old, there’s a lot of things I said I’m gonna go back on, a lot of things I said I’m not gonna do, I’m gonna do it. It’s just I’m growing and everybody’s growing with me.”

    Not only is Reginae an ambassador for Fenty and Fashionova, but she also dropped her own line.

    Carter is bringing in her New Year with new body parts and a new business. She has partnered with her aunt to launch a clothing line called Tom Girls. In regards to Reginae Carter’s clothing appeal she says anyone can wear the line but it allows the choice of dressing like a cute relaxed tom boy or stunting in heels.

    The prices aren’t crazy, let’s mention that as well. Attire ranges from 30 to about 80 dollars with full suits, and lime colors.

    Carter has no issue juggling all this with confidence. “I’ve always been very confident in myself and I really feel like it’s because of my parents,” she told HB writer D’Shonda Brown. “They’ve always boosted me up and made me feel beautiful within so I just grew up feeling it and wearing it. I am beautiful and I am a beautiful, Black young woman.”

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