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    Remy Ma Says Daughter Reminisce Mackenzie Jr. Is Calling The Shots In Her Parents’ Bedroom

    Remy Ma and Papoose are having trouble with getting some privacy in the bedroom. On Wednesday, March 31, Remy Ma revealed on “The Wendy Williams Show” that not only is she having a hard time with getting her daughter Reminisce Jr. to stop breastfeeding, but she is also finding it difficult to get her out of their bed.

    When Williams asked Remy if her daughter still sleeps in the bed with her and her husband, she took a deep sigh at the 2:38 mark of the interview and said, “Yea. It’s her bed. We sleep in the bed with her. Like she sleeps dead smack in the middle.” The “Love and Hip Hop” star shared that her daughter tends to get a little a bossy at times. She said, “If we even attempt to like touch her arm or anything, she’s like ‘no no no, no kisses no hugs.’ Like everything is group kisses, group hugs and she’s very protective of both of us.”

    Papoose, Remy Ma and Reminisce Mackenzie Jr. (Photo: @remyma/Instagram)

    Williams then asked if the married couple was able to squeeze in any love-making time when their 2-year-old finally falls asleep. The 40-year-old replied, “Then we turn into teenagers sneaking around the house trying to find places where she can’t find us. It’s like the craziest thing ever. We just live here with her. It’s her house. We’re just here.”

    Remy also shared that until they can get their daughter to stop breastfeeding, their plans of having their second child together are put on a halt. As she and Papoose were preparing for the process of implanting her second embryo, the doctors told her that they had to wait because breastfeeding, “decreases your chances of the embryo taking,” she said.

    Remy Ma and Papoose welcomed their daughter, whom they dubbed the “Golden Child,” via in vitro fertilization in 2018. The decision to do IVF came after the “All The Way Up” rapper revealed that she suffered a miscarriage on “Love and Hip Hop” in 2017. Shortly after opening up about her struggles with fertility on “L&HH” the New York rapper said she was getting messages from women who were dealing with similar issues of having trouble with conceiving. However, contrary to her, they were not able to afford the expensive cost of IVF.

    Remy admitted that she never thought about there not being something “[to financially assist] women who would like to conceive.” She told “Entertainment Tonight” that she would like to launch a foundation to help women who would like to have children. She said, “I’ve started looking into the process, seeing where I can get the funding from.”

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