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    ‘RHOA’ Fans Bash Kenya Moore for Her Reason Behind Not Twerking for a Room Key

    Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore got blasted by fans on March 31 after she explained why she didn’t want to twerk for her room key during the cast trip to New Orleans. In the revelation, the former beauty queen explained she wasn’t going to humiliate herself, especially not for her “RHOA” co-star Drew Sidora

    Moore said on mark 2:01, “Yeah, I wasn’t going to booty bounce for my room. I’m not going to degrade myself so that I can have a room, especially from Drew. “

    Kenya Moore reveals why she didn’t twerk for her room key in New Orleans. (Photo: Bravo/YouTube screenshot)

    The mother of one added she would take the worst room even if it meant upgrading to a better one. “So if it just meant for me to just you know what, just give me whatever room you want me to have and I’ll upgrade myself. You know that’s what a boss does. That’s why I’m in 2200 stores for Kenya Moore Hair Care.”

    Moore’s explanation didn’t seem to fly with her other “RHOA” cast mates, including Drew Sidora, Shamea Morton, and Porsha Williams.

    Williams expressed that she didn’t understand why the Kenya Moore Hair Care creator didn’t participate in the twerking session that involved a group of friends. “I mean it’s your girlfriend. It ain’t like some dudes telling you to shake your ass. It’s girls.”

    The “Dish Nation” co-host added even Cynthia Bailey joined in the fun. “Chile, even Cynthia was bouncing, honey. She was bouncing in her chair, but she was bouncing.”

    Bailey said on mark 2:39 that although she was considered an “auntie” by her younger cast mates, she wasn’t turning down any opportunity to show off her “booty bouncing” skills.

    She said, “You know, I had fun. I know I’m officially an auntie, and I receive it. But I enjoy, you know, my moments with the nieces, young and old. … I’m never going to turn down an opportunity to um show my booty bouncing skills. My booty bouncing has come a long way.”

    Many “RHOA” fans criticized Moore’s explanation for not twerking because of her previous actions earlier this season which includes her spreading her legs wide open while wearing red lingerie during Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

    Kenya Moore. (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

    “How is it degrading ??? but wasn’t she the one with her legs spread open like how Moses parted the Red Sea, and didn’t on the episode she was twerking like girl make it make sense 😂😭😭.”

    “Kenya it has nothing to do with the booty bouncing and everything to do with the fact that it’s Drew Sidora asking you to do it, girl bye 😩👋.”

    “It’s degrading but you were bussing it wide open at the bachelorette party… girl bye.”

    “Now Miss Kenya you didn’t have a problem degrading yourself on national TV when you openly flirted with another woman’s husband right in front of her. You didn’t have a problem degrading & humiliating yourself when you showed up at that party with your ass out and just two weeks ago weren’t you busting it wide open at the bachelorette party Ms. Expired chocolate!?.”

    Moore and her “RHOA” co-star Drew Sidora got into an intense argument during the March 28 episode because the 50-year-old refused to twerk for her room key. Moore was ultimately given the worst suite. The spat ended with Sidora saying during a confessional, “What’s the problem? Girl, you paid for that booty, bounce it.”

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