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    ‘RHOC’ Star Noella Bergener Fighting Lawsuit Over Alleged $450k Debt After Scoring $25k Per Month in Child Support

    Ex-Real Housewives of Orange County star Noella Bergener has demanded a lawsuit accusing her of owing a 6-figure debt be thrown out of court, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, the 36-year-old former reality star has denied all allegations of wrongdoing in the case brought by a debt collection company, Creditor’s Adjustment Bureau.

    As we first reported, in the suit, Noella was accused of refusing to pay up on a massive legal bill from the law firm Fried and Goldsman — who represented the Bravo entertainer in a 2014 paternity battle with the father of her daughter.

    The court battle lasted years and Noella racked up quite a bill. Her former lawyers claimed Noella owed them a total of $293k for their work but the debt swelled with interest of $116k and $5k in other fees.

    The firm assigned the debt to Creditor’s Adjustment Bureau who then filed the civil lawsuit.

    Sources close to Noella told she believed her ex, who she had her daughter with, was responsible for the bill per their divorce settlement. An insider told us she felt the lawsuit was “unfounded” and told us she was prepared to fight the allegations.

    Creditor’s Adjustment was granted a default judgment against Noella but the reality star showed up to court weeks later pleading for it to be vacated.

    She claimed to have not been aware of the lawsuit. Noella said despite a process server claiming to serve a 38-year-old woman who was 5’11 at her residence — arguing nobody at her home fit that description.

    Noella also claimed her divorce from ex-husband James messed with her mail.

    She claimed James had “engaged in mail forwarding services to divert some of the mail from the Residence to James’ office or some other residential address for James” following their split.

    The judge threw out the default judgment and allowed Noella additional time to respond. Now, the reality star has demanded all claims be thrown out of court.

    She said that prior to the lawsuit, “Defendant duly performed, satisfied, and discharged all duties and obligations she may have owed to Plaintiff arising out of any and all agreements, representations, or contracts.”

    In addition, she called the claims “frivolous.” Noella demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.

    As we first reported, it’s not all bad news for Noella, she was recently awarded $25k per month in child support from her ex-husband James for their son.

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