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    The story was broken by TMZ that rapper Rick Ross may have suffered a heart attack and is in the hospital surviving by machines.
    According to TMZ, at 4:50 PM PT — Rick Ross’s family denies he is on ECMO. As they reported, they also denied he was hospitalized.
    Prior to Rick Ross’s families confirmation the media had received information stating Rick took ill in the Miami area at his home. Someone from the home called 911 at 3:30 AM Thursday and said the person in distress was breathing heavy and unresponsive. The caller said the man in distress had a history of seizures — something that has plagued Rick — and they were trying to wake him up but he was “slobbing out the mouth.”
    The reasons for his hospitalization as of today have been rumored to be because of a seizure, or heart attack.
    Yet again Rick Ross’s family are denying these statements, which TMZ has noted in all reported articles.

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