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    Rihanna’s TikTok May Be The Press Room For Her and ASAP Rocky’s Son

    Rihanna’s TikTok is kicking off with overwhelming mom moments. As both her and Father ASAP Rocky kept their first born away from the public for a while, but Robyn Fenty finally took to TikTok to share a snippet of cuteness.

    Rakim Mayers and Robyn Fenty welcomed their son into the world on May 13, 2022. Rihanna recently captioned their 7-month-old baby Mayers, sitting in his car seat giggling.

    The video quickly circulated through social media as fans were adorned by his smile. Along with Baby Mayer’s adorable video, plenty of ASAP Rocky and Rihanna baby photos circulated. Some pointed out how he has Rihanna’s iconic lips. Others said he looked like Rihanna’s brother Rajad. Another person pointed out how he has ASAP Rocky’s eyes.



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    The couple was also spotted during a photo shoot Friday afternoon in Malibu.

    The family wore matching black outfits and cozied up next to the shore with a camera crew and production team on standby.

    As The 34-year-old mom and father become more and more public with her son, many fans await their son’s name. During an interview with The Washington Post, Rihanna explained why the couple hadn’t given out their son’s name yet.

    “We just didn’t get around to it yet, really.”

    “We’ve just been living. But I guess there’s a certain freedom that comes with kind of just like getting it out there.”

    Rih also told E! Online that since becoming a first-time mum, she’s noticed similarities with her own mama – how sweet!

    She said: “It is weird. Even the little things that annoy me about her, I do it. I literally make all of the same faces.”

    She Continued, “I say the same things. I clear my throat the same way. I move my mouth the same way.”

    But we are guessing with many snippets yet to come, Rihanna’s tiktok may be the first place where fans discover Baby Mayers Name.

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