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    Rita Ora gets slammed for a phot she posted of her sitting close to Conor Mcgregor. Th caption from the photo read ” date night”. The caption sparked even more controversy because it looks as though Conor is holding on to Rita Ora’s waist, when infant his hand is clutching the chair. Regardless of the photo position fans still went in on Rita, saying “isn’t he married.
    One fan went as far as calling her “Becky with the good hair”, another fan said unfollow @RitaOra. Others thought the photos were kind of hot saying ” he isn’t married”. That topic brought up another controversy, wondering what would his baby momma say.

    Rita Ora later took down the caption date night and posted other photos of them not so close to each other. Instagrammers were on line minutes later asking why did she take the caption down. Well for the obvious right “it just didn’t sit well with the fans”.
    Rit Ora continued keeping updates on the event via Instagram hashtaging BFA’s2017. She has definitely moved on from the issue.

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