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    Road to a Million Thinking It Was James Bond Film – The Music news

    When Brian Cox joined the new reality competition series 007: Road to a Million, he admitted that he thought he signed up for something a little different.

    During Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the Succession star told host Jimmy Fallon, “I thought it was the new James Bond film.”

    “So I said, ‘Oh, finally they’re getting me in a James Bond movie,” he continued. “I thought, ‘Yes, of course!’

    But to Cox’s disappointment, he quickly learned that “there was no script and there was no James Bond movie.”

    He added, “For years, I thought, you know I would love to be in James Bond. It would be really interesting. And I thought this was my moment, but it wasn’t.” Instead, he played the game controller and orchestrated the series’ challenges in 007: Road to a Million.

    The competition series follows nine pairs of everyday people who head out on a global adventure through several Bond-inspired challenges, for a chance at willing a cash prize.

    “It was fun,” Cox said once filming wrapped. “You know, I love bossing people around, so that’s what I did.” He also added that it was “touching to see” one of the pairs on the show find a “new relationship in their marriage because suddenly they were able to trust one another after so many years.”

    As for who’s taking over for Daniel Craig as the next 007, it’s going to be some time before fans know.

    Franchise producer Barbara Broccoli told The Guardian last month that there is a “big road ahead” before the iconic character is “reinvented for the next chapter.” She added that executives also “haven’t even begun” to modernize the franchise yet.

    007: Road to a Million drops on Prime Video Nov. 10.

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