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    Rob Liefeld Unveils Proof of Concept Trailer – The Music news

    Comic book creator Rob Liefeld is getting a boost from a member of the Deadpool movie family for his latest project. Liefeld has teamed with Phillip J. Silvera, who served as a stunt coordinator on 2016’s Deadpool, for a proof-of-concept trailer for Bloodstrike.

    Liefeld is best known for creating Marvel characters such as Deadpool and Cable, but Bloodstrike hails from Liefeld’s indie Extreme Universe, which over the years has gotten attention from Hollywood. At one point, Akiva Goldsman and Graham King were attached. Netflix also came and went as a partner. But with those options having expired, Liefeld grew frustrated and decided to take things into his own hands. Now, the hope is for Silvera to direct a feature film, though no studio is attached at the moment.

    “When taking a comic book from page to screen there are always hurdles, screenplay, screenwriters, talent that attach and move on. It gets old really fast,” Liefeld wrote on Instagram Thursday along with the footage. “I have waited to connect with a director with the same zeal for the material, someone who can nurture it to the finish line, be a true partner in the process.”

    He met Silvera on the first Deadpool feature, and was also impressed by Silvera’s work on Netflix’s Daredevil.

    “I promise to take all of you on this journey as we build our Bloodstrike film together. The casting, the studio, the script, I’ll give you the updates as it comes together,” wrote Liefeld. “I’m so tired of hearing about deals, even my own, I’d rather show you what it’s going to look like. This is just a tease of what lies ahead. I am dedicated now more than ever to bringing my Extreme catalogue to life with talented partners like Phil, and this is just the beginning.”

    Bloodstrike debuted in 1993 after Liefeld left Marvel following defining work on New Mutants and X-Force. The Image Comics title focuses on a team of elite government assassins.

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