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    Rosario Dawson has no problem with comparing her Democratic presidential candidate boo Cory Booker to her new movie.

    To promote her new film Briarpatch in which she’s also romantically involved with a politician, Variety asked if there are any similarities between the scenarios in Briarpatch and her relationship with Cory.

    She spoke out to Complex saying,

    “I feel like I’m dating Captain America, I mean he’s just such an amazing, brilliant, kind, empathetic, beautiful, loving human being,” Dawson said when describing Booker. “And then this character has that as his sort of face… They could not be more different characters.”

    Both Dawson and Booker have demanding careers that require more attention than the average job. This has hindered Dawson from being by Booker’s side every step of the election. The actress tells Variety that she sometimes receives more criticism for her busy schedule than Booker and it will be interesting to see if this commentary evens out. 

    “He’s hoping to make the Zombieland premiere, but I’m curious to see, if he doesn’t, if he’s going to get the same amount of press being like ‘why aren’t you supporting your women,’” Dawson said. “I’ve been getting all this press like ‘Why aren’t you at your man’s side’ when I’ve made it really clear that it’s okay to be a working mom.”

    Although her independence has been painted in a negative light by the pundits, Dawson’s ability to separate their love life from their career aspirations has allowed her to take an objective look at the upcoming election. As a result, the actress claims that she’s not endorsing one specific candidate rather it’s more important that people get involved in the political process. 

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